Cattle Handling

Cattle Handling

We pride ourselves on the attitude and quality of our people – without exception. We coach, train and mentor all our staff to develop a better and more in depth understanding of how to handle cattle in a way that reduces stress on the livestock and the operator.

Our Chief Operating Officer Richard Climas (Richo)  is one of WA’s finest cattlemen. He has developed and honed his skills over a lifetime of being around horses, cattle and sheep.

Previously, Richo managed Mardie Station (in the Pilbara) for 17 years and handled the entire herd the ‘low stress’ way. The herd was renowned for its temperament and quality. Today, Mitchell’s are proud to have Richo leading our drivers’ cattle handling development and managing the saleyard business – where we interact with around 650,000 cattle and care for them on behalf of our customers.


The Low Stress Stock handling philosophy ensures there is mutually beneficial outcomes for stock and handlers, regardless of yard design. The business benefits in training people in animal handling are enormous, as it leads to improved production gains, better meat quality and higher economic return for the livestock business.

Mitchell’s operate regular Low Stress Stock-handling (LSS) Schools at both our Waroona and Esperance locations. The LSS school is a remarkable 2-day program that teaches the advanced stocking handling methods required to achieve the calm, confident management of livestock in all situations.

The LSS School incorporates both classroom and hands on practical handing training and is suitable for all levels of cattle handling experience from beginners to highly experienced competent stock-handlers. 

Contact us on 08 97332549 for more information.

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